Small Backpack

Small Backpack creatively designed & made of fine wood and real leather from South Africa.





Small Backpack

Truly unique style is hard to find, and even harder to create.

Indalo has brought the modern spirit of Africa to life in a range of exclusive and limited-run bags, purses and accessories.

Indalo also does architectural features, personalised branding and custom design elements.

This wooden backpack is made in South Africa for global use. The Small Backpacks are easy to carry by both male and female.

The manufacturers Indalo group are providing jobs for many families in their neighbourhood.


Designer Mr Inga Gubeka

Indalo employs local craftspeople who are trained by Inga Gubeka the designer. 

The wooden bags has folding flaps made with wood.

The wood for the bags are cut with a cutting machine in a way developed by Indalo.

The manufacturing process of the bags is carefully monitored by the head designer.

The wood is polished to make it strong, before painted in any colour.

They mix their own leather tanning dyes to suit each creation, therefore no two batches are the same.

The wooden bag is checked by Mr Inga Gubeka after production.

They source their leather from premium South African suppliers, to ensure that all of their work remains South African in conception, design and production.

Indalo is a multi-talented company, with a young, innovative and a diverse work force.

They constantly capture truly modern African style in each and every custom piece.

Indalo small backpacks are ready to be exported globally for everyone.

We are giving free international delivery service, to ensure that your Indalo piece is delivered to your door.



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