KEEXS Black Pride ( Classic Sneaker – Unisex)

Black is power, it is elegant, and prestigious…Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth.

Black pride is a movement encouraging people to take pride in being black. Are you proud to be African and Black?

Upper Material: PU Leather
Cup Sole material: Rubber
Laced Low Sneakers
Superior Quality

Weight (kg) 0.48 – 0.65
Upper Colours: Basic (White, Black, Blue) or Art Inspired Designs
Heel Type – Flat
Style – Casual, Afrocentric, Urban
Fastening – Lace-up
Heel Height – Low (0″ to 1″)










KEEXS Black Pride ( Classic Sneaker – Unisex)

KEEXS is the first sneaker brand of its kind in Africa that cares for the poor.

Black is power, elegant, and prestigious. Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth and  is a movement encouraging people to take pride in being black.

What is your vision for Nigeria and Africa? How do we move our Nation forward?

Keexs Black Pride is to promote Manufacturing, by making African inspired sneakers for people Globally.

Keexs is stepping out to be part of the solution in providing jobs and promoting manufacturing.

This sneaker has the Black power to it that promotes African art Globally.


The Brand

The KEEXS brand is an African inspired range of sneakers and Brings out the Cool in anyone.

The brand is new, youthful, smart, energetic and full of African Art. Keexs Black Pride shows power to stand up and be courageous however encouraging
diligent hardwork amongst the youth. Black pride also promotes Originality and the ability to stay true to your dreams.

The name KEEXS comes from two words KICKS and KEEK.

Get KEEXS sneakers on your feet and get value and for the world in the following ways:

1. The designs will make you cool and stand out from the crowd.
2. You are contributing towards poverty alleviation.
3. Each product has a story that will inspire you.

keexsThe logo “The Fist Bump” is a gesture in which two people bump their fists together (as in greeting or celebration).

Any time you meet another a person with KEEXS just give each other the fist bump to celebrate impact.

Logo Colors


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