June's Secrets Tioballs

June’s Secrets Tio Balls

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Used to increase the tone of the pelvic floor muscles which leads to:
Improved bladder control resulting in elimination of incontinence, stress or otherwise, now and later on in life. FREE DELIVERY!





June’s Secrets Tio Balls – For Vagina firmness

Sexual intimacy after I had children felt different. Sex was still enjoyable, however I could not help feeling inadequate in some way.

I could tell I was not as tight and firm as I was before my babies. I got worried because I did suffer with stress incontinence during all three of my pregnancies.

I tried the pelvic floor/kegel exercises as advised but they did not produce any noticeable results.

One day whilst at work as a pharmacist, a French patient came in. She was covered in tattoos from head to toe and had a massive ear ring hole. Based on her appearance I was already prejudiced towards her, giving her the typical eew-what-a weirdo look.

You know the one most of us “normal” people give people who we think are not like us. One thing led to another and we started talking.

I found out that she was twenty-five and had already had ovarian cancer three times and had just finished her third round of chemotherapy.  This had taken away every chance she had of ever having children.

That afternoon my French patient shared a secret with me that revolutionized my life and my marriage. She shared with me the best kept open secret about, what I choose to call, June’s Secrets Tio Balls (JSTB).


How it works

There are a group of muscles, ligaments and extremely solid membranes that form a floor. They support the vagina, bladder and rectum called the pelvic floor or kegel muscles.

They are the muscles you squeeze when you stop urination midway. They tend to weaken due to age, in both men and women, and pregnancy regardless of the mode of delivery.

These are the muscles that the JSTB works out.

There are a variety of uses and several different names including kegel balls, ben wa balls, pelvic balls and geisha balls. They are recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians all over the world. They were recently included in the formulary of the British National Health Service.


More on JSTB-June’s Secrets Tio Balls

The JSTB comprises of 3 sets of balls, a single ball and a duo ball. The single ball is 140mm in total length and 34mm in circumference and the duo is 2.7mm in total length and 30mm in circumference. They are made from silicone and contain free roaming weights inside.

Whenever the vaginal wall encounters a foreign object the muscles automatically contracts to hold it in place.

This is called passive contraction. So when the JSTB are inserted the muscles contract to hold it in place.

Each time the balls bounce around hitting the walls of the vagina through the balls.  This tricks the muscles into believing the balls are about to fall out, however they contract even more. This contraction tones the muscles making them firmer.

It increases the tone of the pelvic floor muscles which ultimately leads to:

  • Improved bladder control resulting in elimination of incontinence, stress or otherwise now and later on in life.
  • A tighter and firmer vaginal wall.
  • Significantly reduced risk of uterus prolapse in old age. This is when the uterus (womb) collapses into the pelvic area.
  • Easier childbirth and quicker and easier restoration of muscles post-delivery.

This Product is well packaged with a 6 page User manual with Uses, Definition, Mechanism, How to use, Expectations & Care.

It also has a beautiful velvet storage pouch.



I designed mine and manufactured a few thousands for personal use and for women globally.

I tried them out my self for many months to see the result. I didn’t give my husband any details about my experiment just to see if he would notice any difference. I started using them as soon as they arrived, I wore them daily giving them a squeeze whenever I remembered I was wearing them. After 3 months of wearing them consistently the result was very shocking. It not only got rid of my stress incontinent but it made me tighter and firmer.

After sex my husband noticed I now had a tighter vagina, he actually thought he had gotten bigger, typical man.

Whilst there are many different brands of kegel balls out there they are not all the same quality. Most are marketed as a sex toy ( not sure how it serves that purpose but hey I’m not one to judge).

JSTB is marketed as an exercise tool and thus supplies the supporting information to help the wearer achieve maximum benefit.

Warning!!!!!! I did find a side effect to using the balls though. As the muscles in the vaginal wall becomes more toned. The area becomes more sensitive and this will make you more responsive to penetrative sex and make you achieve orgasms quicker. Your sex life is more enjoyable and more intense with multiple orgasms. You’re welcome.

JSTB are available in Europe and America here on Nueras Africa Marketplace at https://www.nuerasamp.com/shop/junes-secrets-tio-balls/.  In Nigeria it’s available at the Color Girl Adult store located at Suite C1C Abeni Plaza, Opp. ECO Bank behind KFC, Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Let us know how you get on with it. For more information visit the JSTB Tio balls section on this blog.


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