Africa has been branded as a “poor” continent that needs aid from the “developed” continents. Africa has been portrayed in the media as a sick, hungry child with nothing to eat. It’s about time Africa gets into the driving seat of her destiny and start solving her problems.
We do not dispute the many problems in African countries, however we choose to see the good news.


Nueras Africa Marketplace “Nuerasamp” is an online e-commerce retail site that sells African made products. We believe Africa can be a massive manufacturing hub, so we encourage EXPORTS out of Africa to the developed world. Our goal is to sell unique products made in various African countries Globally. This platform enables African entrepreneurs to sell their products to the world outside of Africa.

We at Nuerasamp don’t believe in Aid but rather we believe in Trade, and in empowering African people. We Showcase unique creative products by young Africans made on the African soil. 


Nuerasamp is founded and run by a husband and wife team and their 3 children.

Mr Seyi Caleb Onabule and wife Mrs Emma Seyi-Onabule of Nigerian descent live in London, United Kingdom. They are both passionate about promoting African made products to the World in a very unique way. They are both well studied in Business Studies and Pharmacy up to Masters degree in the UK. Both have hands-on experiences of up to 15 years between them in Sales, Marketing, Customer service , community pharmacy and retail supply chain management.

Seyi and Emma are not only passionate about the vision but they understand Africa and her problems. They don’t believe in giving fish rather they believe in showing African people how to catch fish. “Africa doesn’t need aid but Africa need Trade” #Tradenotaid4Africa.