For a long time now Africa has been perceived as a “developing” continent that needs constant handouts from the “developed” continents.
The image that comes to many people’s minds of Africa, from the “developed ” continents, are from adverts pleading yet again for handouts with images of a little child with kwashiorkor, snot running down their nose and a fly above their left eye asking for donations of some sort.
We do not dispute that African countries are yet to reach their true potential and does need some input from the bright minds of Africa from around the world. However we at Nuerasamp don’t believe in Aid but rather we believe in Trade, we believe in empowering African people, we believe in Showcasing the Bright talents and unique creativity of young Africans. We don’t believe in giving someone fish to eat but rather we believe in showing African people how to catch fish and how to fish on a larger scale independently.

Nueras Africa Marketplace (Nuerasamp) is an online e-commerce retail site dedicated to showcasing, marketing and selling African made products to the western world. Our goal is to sell unique products made in various African countries Globally. This platform enables African entrepreneurs to sell their products to the world thereby helping them expand outside Africa.
Nuerasamp is founded and run by a husband and wife team and their 3 children.

Mr Seyi Caleb Onabule and wife Mrs Emma Seyi-Onabule of Nigerian descent live in London, United Kingdom and are both passionate about promoting African products to the west. They are both well accomplished in their area of study in Business Studies and Pharmacy up to Masters degree levels from universities in the UK. Both have hands-on experiences of up to 15 years between them in Sales, Marketing, Customer service , community pharmacy and retail supply chain management.

Seyi and Emma are not only passionate about the vision but they really love everything about Africa and are committed to celebrating, elevating and promoting the Creative African entrepreneur.